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Justin and Allison’s baby

25 June 2008 at 12:30 pm
by Jonah

Born this morning, 7 lbs, 12 oz, and still no name. Justin says he looks like a Vaseline covered parrot. And he’s pretty unhappy at being out of the womb.


24 June 2008 at 9:37 pm
by Jonah

Here’s the newest addition to the ranch.


She’s a Sicilian donkey Michele bought to guard the sheep. So far the only time she’s been near the sheep is when they come over to the fence where the horses are to graze (where Daisy likes to hang out). She came over to me when I went outside to show Berck, but not close enough for a pat.

There are also some new sheep.


24 June 2008 at 9:36 pm
by Berck

I’ve been trying to get Jonah to let me record something to show off her new keyboard, but she’s been a bit reticent, citing a lack of practice. She recorded this one this evening so she wouldn’t forget it, and I talked her into letting me put up.

Finally, Jonah recordings with no bench squeaking, phone ringing, hammer pounding or tape hiss. It’s a darned good sounding fake piano. More to come.

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Some more of me talking to JFK

24 June 2008 at 9:25 am
by Berck

For those of you that seem fascinated by such things.

Here’s the bit from the maintenance reposition taxi. You can hear my initial call to ground at 18:15, then I get chewed out around 19:40, then my captain sweet talks them at about 20:45.

And here’s a normal call to ground trying to get out of JFK to BNA earlier that day. My initial call is at about 25:40, then he tells me to standby. Annoyingly, Comair 345 is next to me, calls up after me, and gets to taxi in front of me. That wasn’t fair. It takes a few minutes for him to get back to me, but eventually he does. You can tell he’s done with me a little later when he tells me to monitor tower around 29:00.

Final Vaulting Performance

23 June 2008 at 9:31 pm
by Jonah

We have goslings! All that sitting by the white goose apparently paid off.


On Saturday was the second and final vaulting performance for Wings Like Eagles this year. Here’s Nikki’s oldest Kayla with a buddy doing a move that the kids last week invented: the Royal Double.


Our vaulting performance would not be complete without a firetruck racing down the driveway.


The aunt of one of the campers passed out for some unknown reason. Her sister was conveniently the camp nurse and ministered to her until she decided it was time to call an ambulance. I haven’t heard the latest, but she looked like she was going to be just fine.

The vaulting performance ended with the counselors showing off. Here’s Alex doing a special vault.


He’s on Sailor, Cathy Couchman’s quarter horse. Sorry it’s blurry. Berck takes our camera with him, so I was stuck with a borrowed one that someone had messed with the settings and I didn’t realize until later.

Alex later collected $250 to shave off his shaggy blond mop. There were women in the crowd of onlookers crying as we took the clippers to his head. One of the other counselors raised $150 to shave his head too, but Nikki gave him a Mohawk. On Tuesday his dad donated an additional $25 if we’d shave that off too. Overall the counselors raised $10,500 for Wings Like Eagles this year.

After the performance there was much dunking as usual. I instantly raised $40 by announcing at one point that Nikki was only twenty bucks away from getting tossed in the water tank. The kids showed their love and admiration for camp director Josh Beoddy by stuffing his pride and joy with newspaper.