All signed off!

by Berck

I’m not sure I’m actually ready, but I’ve been signed off IOE. I’m a real first officer now.

And my employer has figured it out.

I got in to IAD last night at some ridiculously late hour. I woke up, before my alarm, probably because my phone was vibrating. It was crew tracking to say that they’ve downgraded my previous trip from IAD-ATL then ATL-IAD to an ERJ, and I get to sleep in. So I rolled over and passed out.

So much so that my phone vibrating for the next several hours didn’t wake me up. Which is a good thing. I finally woke up with it vibrating continuously at about 10:30am.

Me: Hello?
Voice: Hi, this is Ashley from crew tracking.
Me: Hi?
Ashley: We’ve got a change in your ship number to chicago, it’s now 604.
Me: I’m going to chicago?
Ashley: Uhm, yes?
Me: I thought I was going to New York?
Ashley: You are, then you’re going to Chicago.
Me: Oh, okay. I didn’t know.
Ashely: Oh, so yeah, you’re going to Chicago.

Keep in mind, my brain was very asleep, and I had a very hard time making sense of any of it.

But the long and the short of it seems to be I’m going to Chicago tonight, spending all day in Chicago tomorrow, and then coming back to JFK late tomorrow night. Looks like I’ll try to spend the night with syd, and borrowing any further assignments, hop on an early morning JetBlue back to Denver. Wonder if I should try to do anything cool in Chicago tomorrow.

I need to figure out how to buy an Airtrain pass.

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