Trip to Oshkosh – Day 9

by Jonah

Friday, August 1

My tennis shoes were still wet from the downpour the day before, so I tied them to my back pack and wore my Chacos.  Tracey dropped Berck and me off at the museum, and we fully explored that before catching a bus back to the event area.  The show was the best yet, which the Jelly Belly plane interrupting an aerobatic routine with his aileron falling off.  The Thunderbirds were the last to perform. I’d never seen them perform except at the USAFA stadium at graduation.  It rained on and off, so we were glad to have our umbrellas.

Uncle Stacy was over at the FBO when the Thunderbirds were getting ready, so he got to watch them do all their preflights together.

Berck and I met Randy and Stacy over at the parking area, and then we all picked up Uncle Stacy at the FBO.  Then Randy and Stacy started off for home in their car. The rest of us walked to Players Pizza next to the bus stop by the house and had some good beers and pizza.  We returned to the house and sat out on the back patio and smoked some free cigars Uncle Stacy had gotten at the Dominican Republic booth along with some of the last Miller Lites from the garage’s mini-fridge.

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