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Mobile, AL — Columbus, GA

Well, we made it back to Mobile. But now we’re in Columbus, GA. We bought a truck last night in Atlanta. It’s a 1962 Ford unibody that’s kind of a maroon color (that looks pink under street lamps). It’s in amazing condition for how old it is, and everyone we’ve talked to says it will retain it’s value. We’ll probably be able to sell it to someone who wants to restore it, no problem.

We picked up a washer and dryer from Berck’s dad’s storage unit in Douglasville, then drove down to Columbus to sell Cliff Bennett the Camaro. We spent last night here with the Bennetts, and we’ll spend tonight here too.

We took the truck to Cliff’s mechanic, who did all sorts of things to it today. He thought this evening that he could adjust the valves, but it won’t be ready until the morning. We hope it’ll take us all the way to Mobile tomorrow.

The truck doesn’t like going much faster than 65. Berck has his doubts about its ability to pull a trailer, which is why we bought it.

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