Delta Business Class Food

by Berck

The best food in business class is something which I think they call an egg quesadilla. It’s not, but it’s good. It comes with sausage and salsa. The only other breakfast choice lately is corn flakes, fruit and yogurt. The fruit tends to be cut fancily, but generally isn’t that good. Well, the strawberries are okay, but the melons are lacking.

If you’ve got the choice between the “beef short ribs” and the “red pasta”, I think the “beef short ribs” are better. I have no idea why they call it “beef short ribs” because it’s not. It’s basically pot roast and mashed potatoes. I’m not sure what the cut of meat is, but if it’s short rib, it’s not like any other short ribs I’ve ever had. While pasta on Delta is often good, the pasta offered against the short ribs isn’t all that good.

There seem to be several different sandwiches which vary wildly in quality. Most of them aren’t very good and are on somewhat stale, dry bread. These usually come with some sort of honey mustard sauce which helps. Other sandwiches are much better. The oval shaped ones tend to be better than the circular shaped ones.

Always open any sealed container carefully. (Salad dressing, yougurt, sandwich spread…) Either open it so that the part you’re opening is facing down, or poke a small hole in it with your fork first. It’s packed for sea level, and lower cabin pressure will result in whatever it is being sprayed all over you and probably the pilot in uniform next to you.

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