There comes a moment.

by Berck

A precise point in time when I decide to do something. After that, it’s all downhill momentum.

I thought I was at that point last week, but I waited a few days, and I didn’t seem to be rolling downhill, so I figured I was mistaken and I could talk myself out of it. And I mostly managed, until today after I filed my taxes, when I found myself rolling downhill after all. So where was that precise point in time, anyway? Does it really exist, or do I just think it does?

Maybe it’s not so precise. Maybe I could take the derivative of the function in retrospect and figure out where the slope started downward, but while I’m in it it looks more like pedaling uphill and seeing if I have enough momentum to carry me over the crest.

I’m still not sure I do, but it sure feels downhill now. I’ll know more this weekend.

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