A Very Kwak Christmas

by Berck

In the days leading up to Christmas, as the boxes accumulated under the bacon, I noticed two identical boxes addressed to me with the same nondescript return address. I worried that someone had messed up and given me duplicate gifts. Jonah assured me that was simply impossible.

When it came time to open the boxes, it turned out that their contents were identical. One box was from Mom, the other was from Ben, and Jonah was very wrong. But it also worked out perfectly. It turns out that I’d mentioned that I really wanted some Kwak glasses in front of a group of people, all of whom got the message! Woohoo! Two isn’t enough, but four is perfect. Thanks, guys!

It’s now snowing, and we’re hoping Neal still makes it down for Pizza. Here’s Ben being Ben.

2 Responses to “A Very Kwak Christmas”

  1. Jonah Says:

    I did correct myself after the video stopped, that they were his “holiday” presents.

  2. noe Says:

    you are so goofy. i love that there is a video of you pouring beer into special glasses in the land of you tube. also, can you fix my computer?

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