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Letter from Syd (2)

8 October 1998 at 12:01 am
by Syd

I guess I guessed the address right since your reading this. I just wanted to
thank you for the CD. I love Sarah McLachlan! Thanks a ton! I thought Dad’s
gift was great, but I’m not sure what he thought of it. He just kinda smiled
really small. I guess that’s good. usually I could tell but everyone kept
jumping around and screaming and such! Well, I’ll see you later, I’m
exhausted. I haven’t slept a good sleep in weeks and last night I slept on the
couch cuz I feel asleep during the Braves game. Mom couldn’t find me in the
morning. I’m really, really mad cuz they’ve lost two to the Padres now. Well,
I’ll c-ya later.