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Letter to Denise re Andrew and Heather’s wedding

30 May 1999 at 10:59 pm
by Jonah

Sun, 30 May 1999 22:59:45

> Evidently a good 300 bucks worth of stuff was wrong with my car, since
> that’s what they charged. Actually, the air conditioning wasn’t working,
> and it didn’t like the rain, so they replaced the distributor cap. Among
> other things.
> Well, we really missed you. Mark and I went to the Denny’s right across
> the street from the hotel and stayed there till three thirty a.m. or so,
> when they seated a couple who seemed to be only interested in macking on
> each other in the other half of our corner booth. So we left. It was
> really good to see Mark again. He and I and Spirit shared a pitcher of
> beer and some Jagermeister that night, then Mark and Emily and I shared
> another pitcher the next night. The wedding was neat, the reception was a
> BLAST… I danced nearly the whole time… my feet are SORE now.
> Andrew and Heather had me read a selection from the song of songs… it
> turns out that the other reader was a chick I know from UD! She’s known
> Heather since they were little, and I’ve known Andrew since I was little.
> Small world.
> Tomorrow’s one of the biggest travel days of the year, so I’m gonna wait
> to head home till Tuesday. I’ve gotta pack up my stuff to be ready to
> move into my new place on Saturday.