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21 August 2004 at 1:41 pm
by Jonah

I had my phone interview for the volunteer center coordinator with the University of Central Oklahoma at six on Thursday. We’re supposed to get off at the warehouse at five thirty, but lately we’ve been working a lot of overtime. My last check had eight and a half hours of overtime on it. I’m not sure that working till seven at night is worth it, though.

I worked really hard all day to make sure we got off on time. We did.

The phone interview went fine, I guess. I don’t think I’ve got the sort of personality they’re looking for. They said they would give me a call the next day to see about coming in for a real interview this coming week. But I didn’t hear from them.

On Fridays I get off at one. I dashed home yesterday, scarfed down a hot dog, and dashed up to Oklahoma City for an interview with Temple of Faith school. As I was looking for it, I passed through a run-down black part of town, then little Vietnam. I turned on to the street where the school was supposed to be. The streets were all pot-holed, the cars that were driving down them all looked a block from breaking down, the houses were decidedly low-income. I saw a bigger building on the next corner and hoped it wasn’t Temple of Faith church. It looked fifty years old and crumbling. I pulled in front of it and considered calling and canceling the interview. This couldn’t possibly be worth it.

But I went inside anyway. The girl in running pants at the front desk took me to a conference room and gave me an application to fill out. I don’t know why one has to fill in all the information on applications that is already in printed form on one’s resume. But I had nothing better to do while waiting for my interview. Before I finished, an attractive young woman came in and introduced herself as the director. She waited until I finished and then asked me some more questions to fill out another form.

Finally she told me some about the school (the reason I’d have to come for the interview anyway, since the lady answering the phones would only make me an interview). The church had wanted to form a school for about four years, but they’d had to go through 30,000 dollars renovating the building.

And renovate it they have. We went on a tour of the facilities, and the school half of the building is beautiful, freshly painted rooms, each colorfully decorated and filled with great new toys. The church is just starting out with an all day school for infants through kindergarten with after school activities for school-aged children. They want to expand into a full elementary school in the future.

They’re opening at the beginning of September and still don’t have all the teachers they need (one for every age group and a part time position for after school programs). They pay between six and ten, and since I have a master’s degree, I’d probably be able to get nine or ten.

The director’s enthusiasm for her new school was infectious. I didn’t tell her it wasn’t enough money, wondering if this could actually work. The pastor’s wife, who is out of town this week, is the executive director and performs final interviews. I would get a call this next week.

Of course, after thinking about it more, I don’t think I should do it. But it was nice to have a positive interview…or any interview at all.


20 August 2004 at 6:35 pm
by Jonah

We don’t have a TV, so for the first time, I’m forced to simply read about the Olympics instead of watching them.

Here’s a great article about an American who won ten gold medals…and you’ve never even heard of him.

Instrument Stage 3

20 August 2004 at 3:37 pm
by Berck

Well, I finally got that stage check done. I’m done with the stupid simulators, at least until I get to the commercial program.

Zach thinks I’ll be done by the end of next week. In fact, what he said is I’ll fly three lessons a day Mon-Wed. Which means I’d be signed off for my stage check on Wednesday. I doubt it. We’ll see what happens.

It’s back to studying. This time for the oral exam.

I’m hoping for some nice cloudy weather next week. No thunderstorms, just clouds.



18 August 2004 at 4:31 pm
by Berck

Well, my stage check lasted all of 15 minutes. Calvo, after canceling on me yesterday was 45 minutes late today. I flew one approach in the simulator, then started the published missed approach. I was supposedly executing a tear drop entry, but after flying outbound, I turned back to intercept the inbound leg. The wrong way. So he failed me. Just like that.

I feel like breaking things, but there’s nothing suitable around.

On top of that, I still feel sick.

I’m probably going to have to waste another stupid week waiting for him to schedule me again. So much for getting done in August.


17 August 2004 at 8:51 pm
by Jonah

I’ve sent out a letter and resume to every private school in the area (about 50) and heard back from one of them, saying, great letter, we’re a growing school, and we’ll need teachers…sometime…we’ll keep you on file.

Last night I applied for a position for Volunteer Center Coordinator at the University of Central Oklahoma (not to be confused with OU). It’s probably the position I’m most qualified for that I’ve applied for. Almost all of my work experience has been coordinating volunteers.

Today I called two schools that had placed ads in the classifieds saying they needed teachers.

One of the schools (it’s actually a daycare, from what I can tell…they don’t have any kids older than four) only pays $8/hour. I talked to a receptionist at the other one who only schedules interviews…she couldn’t tell me about salary or anything. So I made an appointment for one for Friday afternoon. It’s a “child development center,” which I think means “daycare.” But hey…it’s an interview.

My cheatsheet didn’t print right, so I only had half of the number of a third school, but I figured I’d call them tomorrow.

I checked to see if I had any messages when I got off work today. There was one from UCO wanting to set up a phone interview! So I’ve got to call them back tomorrow and see what we can work out. They wanted to talk to me at 3 on Thursday, which is in the middle of my work day. But at this rate, I may not be working then anyway. This cold is making me feel horrible.