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26 December 2004 at 9:51 pm
by Jonah

Well, another Christmas has come and gone. Berck’s dad joined us for the weekend, buying us a ton of stuff and enduring being cooped up in a tiny apartment with two excited crazy people. Blockbuster was one of the few things open yesterday, so we ended up watching four DVDs.

Berck’s mom had come the weekend before and bought us another ton of stuff. And my mom sent a big box of packages tied up with string to be opened on Christmas morning. So we racked up quite well. (And I hear there’s more stuff in the post!)

Berck cooked a mess of the best chili ever for Christmas Eve (a Brenner tradition he apparently didn’t know about). Unfortunately, Jim got the habenaro planted in there for flavor. Berck also tried his hand at pate, which after several incarnations ended up tasting just like chopped liver. We had French toast on Christmas morn made from the bread I baked to accompany the ill-fated pate. And Christmas dinner? We ordered out from Happy Garden Chinese Restaurant!


22 December 2004 at 8:17 pm
by Jonah

Tonight Berck made the most amazing Tex-Mex I’ve ever had.

When we were in school, ever couple of weeks or so he’d start whining, “Jooooooonah, make us pizza.” But then I taught him how, and he makes pizza better than I ever have.

Now he’s taken away quesadillas from me.

Of course, I’m sure it has something to do with the ingredients. Start with some grated Tillamook Special Reserve Cheddar. Saute some sweet onions, yellow bell peppers, pickled jalepeneos, and roasted chicken. Yes, roasted chicken. Then toss it all on a flour tortilla happily coated in olive oil. Serve with sour cream and D.L. Jardine’s medium salsa. Oh, my goodness. It was so good, it almost made me cry.


22 December 2004 at 5:03 pm
by Berck

Brenners sent us stockings. I suspect this will make Joanna quite happy.


It Sorta Snowed

22 December 2004 at 11:56 am
by Berck

When I got up this morning, the computers were in a sad state. Seems to have been power problems. I’ve fixed most things. Here’s what it looks like in Norman this morning.

Cold Arthur


21 December 2004 at 4:49 pm
by Berck

I just finished a bunch of upgrades to the blog server that required, erhm, manual intervention. I think I’ve gotten it all working. If you see anything broken, let me know.

Now we’ve got Apache 2, updated WordPress, new PHP… And nothing seems to be different…