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Test Flight Photos

24 November 2008 at 12:43 pm
by Berck

From Halloween, 2008.

The Air Driven Generator deployed.

Flight Attendant Oxygen Mask

Lavatory Oxygen

Farewell, N604LR.

GChat with Stephanie

22 November 2008 at 3:09 pm
by Jonah

Stephanie: I just beat the entire Poulsbo Sportsman Club at their turkey shoot. I won 4 out of 5 possible turkeys.
Sent at 3:02 PM on Saturday
Stephanie: Ha.
Wait. I’m Nathan. Not Stephanie. That would be even more impressive.

Obama and DST

21 November 2008 at 8:15 pm
by Berck

If this is true, it looks like Obama is not a fan of daylight saving time. This is a very good sign. If he actually helps get rid of DST and accomplishes nothing else, I’ll be content having voting for him. Hell, It’d probably be enough to make me vote for him again.

Looks seriously promising as compared to Dubya’s dumb-ass move of extending DST, which has cost the country billions and benefited pretty much no one except COBAL programmers.

Almost in Chicago

21 November 2008 at 8:12 pm
by Berck

Just a short schedule update. I’m about to go to sleep so that I can drive to Denver insanely early tomorrow morning, fly to PHX and go to my last 4 hours class, then fly back. Then, sleep in my own bed, and fly back to PHX on Sunday morning to start a 4-day trip of IOE. In the CRJ-900. Because, clearly, I don’t know how to fly that.

The good bit is that I’ve got off for Thanksgiving. I get back to PHX at 8pm on wednesday night, but there’s a late COS flight I hope to get on. It’s Mesa, so I’ve got priority on the jumpseat…. If that doesn’t work, worst-case I should be able to get back Thursday morning.

Here’s my first 4-day trip. The Mesa website where I get my schedule, and then paste it into facebook is currently broken, and I’m too lazy to do it by hand right now. So here’s my 4-day, if you can figure out how to read it:

X5359 11/23/08 BSE REPT: 1355 REPORT- 11/23/08 LOCAL Times
Su 23 2997 PHX-ONT 1440 1456 0116 134 CR9
Su 23 2995 ONT-PHX 1630 1849 0119 241 CR9
Su 23 2881 PHX-ELP 2130 2240 0110 0345 0000 0344 0344 0900 ELP 1546 CR9
D-END: 2255 (NR 0900) REPORT 1441 Hyatt Place (915)771-0022
Mo 24 2715 ELP-PHX 1526 1647 0121 103 CR9
Mo 24 2827 PHX-TUS 1750 1835 0045 040 CR9
Mo 24 2781 TUS-PHX 1915 2008 0053 049 CR9
Mo 24 2781 PHX-BFL 2057 2125 0128 0427 0000 0428 0428 0759 BFL 1643 CR9
D-END: 2140 (NR 0900) REPORT 1423 RED LION HOTEL (661)327-0681
Tu 25 * 2778 BFL-PHX 1508 1740 0132 211 CR9
Tu 25 2946 PHX-MEM 1951 2349 0258 0430 0000 0423 0423 0741 MEM 1347 CR9
D-END: 0004 (NR 0900) REPORT 1351 FARIFIELD (901)795-1900
We 26 2827 MEM-PHX 1436 1710 0334 040 CR9
We 26 * 2827 PHX-TUS 1750 1835 0045 040 CR9
We 26 2781 TUS-PHX 1915 2008 0053 0512 0000 0504 0504 0732 CR9
D-END: 2023 ————————————–
TOTALS BLOCK 1754 DHD 0000 CREDIT HRS. 1739 T.A.F.B. 7828

Then I’m off until Tuesday the 2nd and do a 4-day trip out of O’Hare on the 700. Who knows when I get to fly the new-to-me but very old 200…

Still no word on the displacement, so it looks like I’m going to need a place to stay in Chicago here in a couple of weeks. At least it won’t be hot!

The Corner Cafe

17 November 2008 at 8:43 pm
by Jonah

I had to take Berck to the airport today, the end of his whole five days in a row off. Usually, he takes the 6:20 flight, but the last one was so late, he didn’t end up getting back to his “cottage” until nearly midnight. He has a 7am sim session tomorrow morning, so he elected to take the 3:20 flight today. I got up and went to work in the morning as usual and then drove home and picked Berck up midday.

We stopped for lunch on the way to the airport. I wanted to try a place called The Corner Cafe. It’s right across the street from the courthouse, so I imagine it gets plenty of business. I was excited about their sandwich combinations and the fact that they served fries. But the food was lackluster. The sandwiches tasted fine, but they were pretty small for their prices. The fries were the unappetizing frozen crinkle cut kind. We had both specials. Berck’s was the Albuquerque, which included hot roast beef and pretty spicy jalapeno ranch sauce. I had some meaningless (to me) acronym that included turkey, bacon, and “avocado” (actually guacamole) with some shredded lettuce on multi-grain toast. It was tasty, but as I said, way overpriced for its size. Still, with the fries I could only finish one half. I helped myself to a box behind the counter and wrapped it up to take home.

When I finally got back to work, I decided to leave my sandwich in its Styrofoam box in my car with the windows rolled down. I planned to eat it for supper, and it didn’t want to put it in the fridge for the toast to get stale. It was very warm, almost hot, today, and I didn’t want the mayonnaise to become a culture for bacteria gone wild if I left the windows up. I decided the dogs wouldn’t go through the trouble of climbing through an open car window to get at the food.

Sometime later I glanced outside and saw the cat sitting on the hood of my car licking his paws in satisfaction. Uh oh. Sure enough, when I left to go home, I found the Styrofoam box open on my car seat with one triangular piece of multi-grain toast in it and one next to it. The bacon, turkey, “avocado”–even the shredded lettuce–had all been licked clean off the bread.

Maybe I should have gotten the sandwich with the spicy jalapeno ranch. Would that deter a hungry cat?