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View from our deck

17 July 2015 at 11:11 pm
by Jonah


Our Library

2 July 2015 at 9:02 pm
by Jonah

We have a lot of books.  Most of them are labeled and organized by Library of Congress numbers.

Here’s rare books and A – J or general works through political science (and some beer/mead storage) upstairs:


Opposite are records and more beverage storage:



The downstairs bedroom holds CDs and K – P or law through literature:


Here’s the rest of the books in the bedroom, PS or American literature:


(Also some of the books that haven’t been labeled yet.)

The collection ends in Q – X or science through information resources, along with oversized books. The last column except for the last shelf is all cookbooks (TX):


The upstairs guest bedroom holds serials and notebooks.

This doesn’t include the stacks of books on the coffee table, on my desk, and next to my bed.