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3rd shot!

26 April 2021 at 8:00 pm
by Jonah

Today was my third Novavax trial shot, in the crossover trial. So if I got two placebo shots previously, today I got a real Novavax vaccine. And if I got two shots of the Novavax vaccine previously, today I got a placebo.

Today’s shot seemed to hurt worse going in and then started hurting/burning within a few seconds, which went away after a few minutes. Then a couple hours later, my arm really started hurting for a couple of hours. It’s calmed down quite a bit now and isn’t really bothering me as much.

If I compare this reaction to my first shot, it is very different, and they both hurt! So now I still have no idea when I’ve received a placebo and when I’ve received a vaccine. My final shot is scheduled for three weeks away, and then I’ll finally be fully vaccinated.

Here’s an interesting article about Novavax and their reliance on Chilean tree bark: