I Will Complicate You in the Morning

by Berck

I was browsing through old e-mail looking for part of Todd’s Babblefish project that involved Wish You Were Here. I didn’t find it, but instead found Jonah’s notes on Nabokov’s Pnin. I think I sent it to her (internationally, even) on the condition that she write me a paper on it.

In the middle of two paragraphs is a sentence all by itself:

I will complicate you in the morning.

For some reason, I was able to recognize it immediately as a song lyric. Considering it’s from a song I haven’t listened to all that much, that’s reasonably impressive. Even more impressive is that it’s not even correct.

The lyric is from a Crash Test Dummies song, and what it should say is, “I will come to get you in the morning.” But I think I like Jonah’s version better.

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