For the 3rd year in a row, Andrew and Kayleigh joined us for 4th of July weekend. Tacos are a great meal have during the hottest part of the summer (that’s when it’s hottest here in our part of Colorado), because they involve grilling outside. Also, ice-filed margaritas are also great during the hottest part of the summer. And so began our tradition of having a Mexican feast on the 4th of July, which we’ve taken to calling Cuatro de Julio.

This year with the coronavirus, we decided to take the risk and combine our pods for the weekend. This year it rained, which is always a good sign, since it makes it much cooler and decreases the risk of having to evacuate because of an approaching wildfire (a very real threat two years ago).

Berck made American style pizza on Friday night, and I made peach-cot cobbler. On Saturday he made steak and pork belly tacos with black beans, Spanish rice, and homemade salsas, and I made 7-layer dip and flan. And on Sunday we had waffles for breakfast and Chinese dumplings for lunch. Of course, there were many pitchers of margaritas over the three-day weekend.

While the food was all very delicious, the best thing about the weekend was spending it with people we like who are not ourselves.

Good times

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