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Lunch Walks

2 June 2011 at 9:59 pm
by Jonah

I’ve been walking during my lunch hour most days unless it’s raining. I often bring along a plastic bag or two. I walk from my office to America the Beautiful Park and then walk along one of the trails that extends from it.

Here’s a sign along the way. I’m not sure what it means. Caution, people in wheelchairs may suddenly roll out in front of you?

Here’s a sign in the park. Apparently, regular roller skating is okay.

The park abuts Fountain Creek, along which runs the Fountain Creek Trail (which becomes The New Santa Fe Trail further north). To the north of the park is footbridge that crosses the creek and becomes a trail heading parallel to westbound US 24. It’s called Midland Trail, and it apparently only goes as far as 21st Street. I found this wonderful junkyard along its route.

The other day I walked south along the trail by the power plant. The creek is lined by tall cottonwoods, and the trail is nicely shaded much of the way. I saw two great blue herons circling over the creek. I was also passed twice by an MMS security SUV driving slowly along the trail.

Today I walked south and then crossed a bridge onto the Bear Creek Trail. Much to my surprise, I came to the end of it before I had to turn around and walk back. I set the alarm on my phone to go off at 12:30 so I know to turn around. The trail only goes to 8th Street. Oddly, it goes under 8th Street and then circles up to the sidewalk on the west side. Here’s how it passes beneath the road.

When I walk, I often pick up trash along my route, though that means I can’t go as far. I can easily pick up two grocery bags or one kitchen bag full of trash on each outing. If I don’t, I can walk 2 to 3 miles. Today I didn’t pick up trash because my back was bothering me a little. I did find this, though.

Unfortunately, it’s starting to get hot, and I don’t think I’ll be wanting to walk as much when it’s sweltering.