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Midnight in Paris

27 January 2012 at 11:12 pm
by Berck

You guys have probably all seen it already, but I just watched it tonight. Excellent movie, maybe Woody Allen’s best. I’m amazed that after so many years of making movies, he keeps getting better at it. I sincerely enjoyed it, and it had a spark of narrative truth over literal truth, or actualism over realism, something Nabokov and Pynchon both do that I love. Anyway, A+, rent it if you haven’t seen it.

Also, the fact that I knew nothing about it probably made it even better, so don’t go reading reviews. Don’t even read this one.

Our conversation last night

25 January 2012 at 7:48 am
by Jonah

Berck drifted off and then when I rolled over started the following conversation:

Berck: Do you know what MUNIX stands for?

Jonah: Unix?

Berck: MUNIX. Multiuser. He tries but he’s not very good at it.

Me: Who?

Berck: Shawn. Shawn David, they’re all named Shawn.

Me: Shawn?

Berck: Creamy rice, Jonah. Creamy rice.

The Beginning of the End

23 January 2012 at 1:33 pm
by Berck

The semester has started, and I’m already dreading going to class. It’s just a few months, and I’m sure I’ll get through it, but it feels like there’s quite the mountain to climb between now and graduation. All of my classes involve various semester-long projects. And most of them are group projects. Just the sort of thing I hate.

The potentially good news is that it looks like I’m going to back to work for Mesa. I’ve got a May 7th class date. This isn’t ideal since that’s my first day of final exams. Fortunately, all my professors agreed that given the circumstances, I can take my finals a week early. This is going to make for a substantially difficult semester ending, with all the projects due at the same time, but it’s worth it if I can go back to work.

The other frustrating thing about this semester is my schedule. I’ve got 4 classes in a row, with no breaks, from 3:05pm – 8:30pm. It makes for a long day.


10 January 2012 at 8:40 am
by Jonah

Berck: I dreamed that you worked at Walgreens, and I needed an ATM, and you said, “You can use this one here.” But instead of a screen it was like a vending machine where you could see all of the items available. So I picked what looked like a basket of dollar bills, but when it all dumped out, there were some British pounds, some gold airplanes that were each worth $63, a menorah starter set, a book on the history of gelt, and all this other stuff. I asked you what to do, and you said I could insert the British pounds into this other ATM, but of course the airplanes wouldn’t fit. And then you said, “Why did you get the grab bag?!” And you were so mad at me.