The Beginning of the End

by Berck

The semester has started, and I’m already dreading going to class. It’s just a few months, and I’m sure I’ll get through it, but it feels like there’s quite the mountain to climb between now and graduation. All of my classes involve various semester-long projects. And most of them are group projects. Just the sort of thing I hate.

The potentially good news is that it looks like I’m going to back to work for Mesa. I’ve got a May 7th class date. This isn’t ideal since that’s my first day of final exams. Fortunately, all my professors agreed that given the circumstances, I can take my finals a week early. This is going to make for a substantially difficult semester ending, with all the projects due at the same time, but it’s worth it if I can go back to work.

The other frustrating thing about this semester is my schedule. I’ve got 4 classes in a row, with no breaks, from 3:05pm – 8:30pm. It makes for a long day.

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