Another delay

by Berck

So, Rob’s been struggling with rudder control on the runway. This is a strange thing to have trouble with, given that he can fly fine otherwise, our instructor thinks the problem is likely the simulator. I don’t think that staying on centerline is at all easy, but I’m able to do it. The sim instructor flew the sim a bit today, and has declared that it’s “not right,” so we didn’t fly, in hopes that the loss of income will convince FlightSafety to fix it. I’m less bothered by the rudder control, and a lot more bothered by loose pitch control, which our instructor also says isn’t right. When our sim instructor asked us finally what we thought about the whole thing, my answer was, “I want to learn to fly the airplane, not the simulator.” If the simulator isn’t faithfully simulating, then we need to get it fixed. Since I’ve never flown the airplane, I have no idea how good or bad the fidelity is.

That said, I’m annoyed. I really want to get done with this check ride and go home. I’m tired of this lame ass hotel with it’s worthless internet, 95º F hallways and lobby, fast food and absurd schedule.

Since there was no flying, but Rob and I are on a weird schedule, we walked down to the only bar in the vicinity, drank until last call, then got dinner (breakfast? lunch? 3amsies?) at Denny’s.

I want to be done with this and go home.

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