by Jonah

We were slammed at work this week. We’ve had a few really busy weeks in the past couple of months, but this week we had our biggest single day the Mardel warehouse has ever had. We were there from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday, and to 6 p.m. yesterday and today. If they don’t let us off early tomorrow, I’ll have five hours of overtime this week.

On top of that, they also were training three new people this week, which means that we lose a perfectly good worker to go train for each trainee. One girl didn’t come back, so I guess we’ve only got two new people. There’s announcement at the front desk that they’re looking to hire yet another puller seasonally.

Because they’re training people, I got shifted around from being assigned one department to another. I was super fast at Education Books, but now I’m over in Books Major. I’m pretty fast there too, but not as fast, I don’t think. I believe I’ll make the minimum time standard easily, though. Last week I was at 120%.

I’m not sure the extra overtime money is worth the extra exhaustion.

Looking for other employment is like a part time job. I put in a good eight hours last Saturday.

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