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It’s official. I start training for the De Havilland Canada Dash 8 on February 9. Training will be another month of ground school, then a couple weeks of sims. Rumour is that Dash 8 sims are in Vancouver. That would be nifty.

It’s going to be a lot of studying and refreshing on how to fly a real airplane for me. The Dash isn’t loaded up with computers like the CRJ I’ve been flying.

Speaking of which, I’ve also gotten my line award for the CRJ in Chicago. It starts on Jan 11. I’ve put it up on my Google calendar, but won’t post it to Facebook until the final integrated schedules are up. It was actually my 5th choice of lines. It’s nothing glamorous, only 10 days off and all CRJ-200 flying. But all my trips start late enough that I can fly in to ORD that morning, and then get back to COS that evening. There’s one, maybe two nights for the entire night that I’ll have to stay in a hotel, so good-bye crash pad!

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