Tomorrow: Tulsa.

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Well, when I got to the airport today, Zach said he really didn’t think flying would be too productive today, but I’d go if he wanted. He had just gotten back from a flight and said it was just miserable. Hot and really turbulent. It’s so windy, that OKC approach was unable to provide usefull vectors, and was so busy they were unable to let him fly practice approaches. His student wasn’t really able to fly any approaches. Zach said he’d fly with me if I really wanted to. I figured that if it was that miserable, and he really didn’t want to fly, that I’d happily put it off. I still may finish before the end of the month.

Tomorrow, we’re supposed to go to Tulsa. Only, because of the specific requirements for the flight, we’re actually going to Chickasha first, then to Tulsa, then Ponca City, then back to Norman. 360NM or so. We could just about fly to Memphis or so if we weren’t flying in circles. A grand tour of Oklahoma with my foggles on. We’ll have to get fuel in Ponca City.

There’s a chance of thunderstorms, so I don’t know if I’ll be going or not. It looks like it’s going to be hot-hot.


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    I still think foggles is a very funny word. I have to smile thinking of Berck in foggles. It sounds like something that muppets might wear.

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    What are foggles?

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