In Paris

by Berck

Just a quick note to let those of you that both care and worry that I’m alive. (I’ve only got 7 minutes left from 10…)

I’m in Paris, I got here this morning at 6am. I really liked Zurich. It was too bloody expensive though. When I get rich, I’m moving to Zurich. Maybe it’s just because it’s a modern city for a change… but it’s more than that. In general the Swiss just have a wonderful sense of taste. Nice cars, nice shops, nice watches, THE BEST BLOODY CHOCOLATE, mountains and so on. The Zurich Hauptbahnof (main train station) is in and of itself quite impressive. I spent a couple hours exploring it, trying to do laundry, and getting free stuff. I managed to score a free meal, (apples oranges, chocolate and others from big company, mostly bank, promotions in the station), but had to walk across the street to McDonald’s to go to the bathroom for free. I take great pride in walking into McDonald’s wherever I am and using the bathroom without paying anything. The German word for urinal is pissoir, which, for some reason, I find humorous.

I walked around Paris today, saw a good bit of it, got a little lost, and spent too much money (6 bucks) on .5 kilo of damn good cherries. I want some more. Tomorrow is museum time. I think I’ll do contemporary art tomorrow and the Louvre on Monday.

I was going to meet Michael at a cafe (aka bar/pub in American speak) late tonight, but unfortunately, the Metro stops running at 0030, and I’m in a rather seedy part of town that I’m not sure I want to walk throw early in the morning. So I think we may just meet for dinner tomorrow, but I’ll talk to him again tonight. If nothing else I should spend a couple of weeks with him in London.

Anyway, 55 seconds left.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t do this to your parents!!!! This set has never read your European Adventures, and you really set me off! Yes, we care, and would really worry if this were actually
    Berck in 2004! I guess I’d better access the whole adventure so I’ll be prepared if you throw in
    one of these again. Yeesh! Sick joke!

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