My instructor called me yesterday and told me that the only time he could get a plane for us a do a 100NM cross-c0untry was 6am. I’m not a big fan of morning. I got there at 6:30am and it was still dark. My instructor didn’t show up for another few minutes. We’d have had to wait around for the sun anyway, since it was supposed to be a day flight. I don’t like getting up early.

It was a nice, cool flight. I picked Sayre because I’d never been there, it’s an approved field, and it was on the same sectional, so I didn’t have to plot a course on the backside or buy another chart.

The air was perfectly calm, something that’s not been too common around here. The mornings tend to be calmer, though, because there’s no thermals rising from the heated ground. It was nice almost being a little cold at 6,500 feet.

There’s only one flight left in this stage with my instructor. It’s a 100NM night VFR flight. The rest are about 12 solos.

I’m planning on knocking the first one out tomorrow afternoon. It’ll be my first solo flight since my private cross-country. Since I’m a little nervous about it, I’m going to fly to Ardmore again. It’s easy to find. I’ll go to different places for my other flights.

Eventually I’m going to have to make a 250NM cross-country. I get to pick either Little Rock or Dalhart, TX. I’m thinking about Dalhart just because I like it out west. Most of the students pick little rock because it’s greener and landmarks are easier to find.

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