Joanna Elise Plays Piano (The Album!)

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Jonah has finally recorded a whole Album! It was meant to be a Christmas present, but it didn’t happen in time. Most of you reading this have probably gotten the CD already. If you’d like a copy of the CD, but haven’t gotten one, let us know. Otherwise, here’s all the tracks available for download:

Many of the tracks have been posted here before. If you’d just like to get the new ones, they’re the ones in bold below. If you’d like to download the whole thing at once, here’s a tar of the whole thing. Be patient, my outgoing tubes are small.

01 – Atrium
02 – 23 Instrumental
03 – Banana
04 – Amanda
05 – Berck
06 – Cynthia
07 – Guernsey
08 – Georgian
09 – Broken Glass Instrumental
10 – Idea
11 – Frog
12 – Bishop
13 – Bounce
14 – Brain Surgery Instrumental
15 – Was Here
16 – Lick My Soul Instrumental
17 – Molly Magoo

18 – Queer
19 – The Second Lock
20 – Toy Soldier
21 – The Moose Song

22 – Walden
23 – Desert Sunset
24 – Leave Me Alone Instrumental
25 – Twilight
26 – Winter
27 – Doting

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2 responses to “Joanna Elise Plays Piano (The Album!)”

  1. Nikki Avatar


    I have to have one of the CD’s! Tell me how much and I’ll get you a check.

    Nikki Tafoya

  2. Shannon Locklear Avatar
    Shannon Locklear

    I’ve enjoyed listening to your compositions! I wish I was more creative and could write music.

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