I Flew to Stillwater.

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After all my fretting about not flying for a month, the flight was easy. Nothing out of the ordinary occurred, although Stillwater Regional is under crazy construction. Runway 17/35 used to be 6100ft, but they extended it on the north side to 7400ft. The extension is concrete whereas the original runway is asphalt, so it looks like a patchwork quilt. To make things more amusing, they close all but the north 4,000ft during the afternoons and evenings to work on it. It’s tricky to figure out just what the north 4,000 ft is until you get pretty close to it.

It was a beautiful day for flying, temperatures in the low 70s, no clouds, smooth air.

While flying by Tinker AFB on the way back to Norman, I spotted a line of F-15’s a few thousand feet below me. Actually, what I saw first was a shadow… “Hmm.. something triangle-shaped is making that shadow…” After the first one whizzed by, there was another…. I saw 5 of them– there were probably six.

I’m on the schedule again tomorrow. I think I’ll go to Duncan, OK. I’m running out of approved airports just over 50NM away– I’ll probably have to start revisiting before I finish.

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