I’ve got the house to myself for the weekend. Berck and his dad spent Thursday night here on their way back from California. They got to Nashville last night.

The rain on my way to work Friday morning turned to sleet when I pulled into the parking lot. By 9:30 a.m. there was two and a half inches of snow everywhere, and it was still coming down in thick, wet flakes. But the temperature never got below freezing, so by the time I went home it had all pretty much melted.

They let us go at 2:30. That’s because with inventory and trying to catch up from inventory the next week, we had 15.5 hours of overtime for the last pay period.

Actual Fact:

Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald (also known as F. Scott Fitzgerald) was named after his father’s distant relative, who authored the Star Spangled Banner.

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