Lake Arrowhead, CA–Snow Valley, CA

We woke up this morning to a beautiful sunny day, snow covering everything. A perfect day for skiing! We slathered on the sunscreen and headed to Snow Valley. After the eternity it took to rent equipment, we were finally on the slopes.

Unfortunately, Carol Ann had to work all day teaching little kids how to ski, so Berck was stuck with me. It has been nine years since I skied last, and while I was pleased to see I hadn’t forgotten how, I couldn’t figure out how to tell Berck how to do what has become natural to me. He ended up in the snow a lot.

I stuck with Berck, basically following behind him and picking up his trail of equipment whenever he wiped out. He told me that he thought I should never instruct any subject and to go away and leave him alone.

So I had a great time rushing down the blue and black slope by myself.

My knees are not what they once were, though, so I only lasted so long. In the afternoon, a cloud enveloped the mountain, which made skiing very interesting. The fog was so thick that at times all I could see was white and the texture of the snow right before my skis passed over it.

After that I was finished. My knees ached, my calves were pinched in the rented boots, and I just couldn’t go anymore.

But man, it was fun.

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