I’ve not been in a writing mood, but it seems like Joanna’s not going to do it either, so…

So I was supposed to take my oral exam last Thursday morning. Instead it was sprung on me on Wednesday afternoon. Both my instructor and I thought I was well-prepared. After the first question I realized I’d studied for the wrong test. After much studying, my recheck was this afternoon. It was difficult, but not impossible, and I passed. The flight portion of the CFII practical test is tomorrow morning at 8am. I have absolutely no idea what the flight is going to be like. I don’t even know how much of it I’ll have to fly, and how much of it I’ll be merely “instructing”. I get the feeling I’m going to be demonstrating and simultaneously explaining quite a bit.

Joanna and I went to Dallas this weekend to visit our friends Todd and Gianna. There’s a smattering of pictures on the photos page. We passed some huge things on very long trailers and coudln’t identify them. My best guess is that they’re blades for a windmill, but it’d be a bloody huge windmill. They’re something like 50 feet long. You can look at the photos and make up your own mind.

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  1.  Avatar

    We had a bunch of those move through Mobile last year. They were supposedly heading for a wind farm. They’re made of fiberglass.


  2. Jonah Avatar

    Oh, like I’ve even had a chance.

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