Done and looking for a job!

by Berck

I just got my Airplane Single Engine rating on my Flight Instructor certificate. I was a nervous wreck during my checkride, but my examiner said I did really well anyway. I asked if the flight school was going to be needing any flight instructors in the near future and he said, “Well, I’m actually trying to get a rid of a few right now.” So that doesn’t look terribly promising. I talked to Zach about my multi-engine rating, and he told me to plan on Monday. That should really only take a couple of days, and it’s pretty easy and fun. And, it doesn’t really affect my ability to be a flight instructor, so now starts the job search. I suppose I better get cracking on that resumé.

2 Responses to “Done and looking for a job!”

  1. nana Says:

    yay!! You did it! Now for that job….. miracles do happen…

  2. prophetben Says:


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