More Movies.

by Berck

I told Joanna that I didn’t really want to see Unforgiven, but rented it for her anyway. What I didn’t remember is that I’d already seen it. Now that I’ve seen it twice, I can state that as far as westerns go, it’s a good one. As for as movies go– I don’t get the big deal. B-.

Boogie Nights, a melodramatic look at the porn industry in the ’70s wasn’t as good as we’d thought it would be. Amusing at the beginning, but thoroughly depressing by the end. C.

The Good Girl is yet another example of how bad a movie can be when people without a southern drawl try to adapt one. Is there really such a dearth of people with southern accents that they need to have people fake it? I make this comment not out of some homesick, prideful love of the South– I really dislike both the South and its associated dialect. Still, if you’re going to insist that your film’s dialogue be drawled– get some real southerners to do it. The movie showed some promise, staring Jake Gyllenhaal and John C. Reilly, even if they had a poorly affected drawl. Jennifer Aniston, however, takes the cake for the worst southern accent since Meg Ryan. I’ll give her this though– at least she was consistent in her awful affectation. To make matters worse, the film wasn’t even set in the South, but in Texas! The accents being affected were clearly patterned on the South, but Southerners sound nothing like Texans. As for the movie itself– the quirky plot seemed promising, but never really delivered. C+. The movie also featured, in a bit part, Zooey Deschanel (Jonah thinks she’s cute), who starred in All the Real Girls. In All the Real Girls she also affects a southern accent, but I managed to get used to it after awhile. About halfway through the film, I found myself feeling quite bored, and the feeling just got worse the longer the movie went on. Joanna didn’t like it either. C-.

After sitting through Boys Don’t Cry, Jonah intimated that I ought to have liked it because it was about lesbians. Only, it’s not in any way about lesbians– it’s about a girl who thinks she’s a guy then gets raped and killed. In response, I rented Kissing Jessica Stein which is an excellent movie with what I think is an exceptionally realistic view of human relationships and which features some lesbianism, but no rape or murder. It’s also made by a bunch of Jews who seem to enjoy poking fun at themselves. Joanna liked it as well. B+.

Finally, we just watched Crash, which I think is one of those few movies that actually deserved to win awards. It offers an intriguing view of just who is an American and how screwed up we are. It simultaneously reinforced and challenged my previously held notions about race. Joanna thinks it’s a great movie and, “People should have to watch it.” It’s one of those movies I think some people will view in a way that I consider incorrect, but still, I challenge anyone who claims patriotism to watch it and think a bit about who we actually are. On a small note, it seems to agree with the immigration policy that both Joanna and I both tend to support (i.e., let ’em in). Some folks have mentioned that the plot is difficult to follow, but I didn’t find it so at all. Because of those comments, I spent a lot of effort early on trying to make sure I knew what was going on (pausing, backing up, etc), but it turned out not to be very complicated at all. Joanna claimed at first that all of the characters are morally ambiguous– but I’ve since managed to convince her that this isn’t entirely the case. I think that many (but not all) of the characters had serious flaws– but I don’t know that I find ambiguity in most of their wrong deeds.

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