Here we are…

by Jonah

Home again after some uneventful flying. The flight from Atlanta to Colorado Springs is long, and the seats in coach really hurt one’s rear end after a while. I couldn’t watch the movie because the sound was too scratchy.

We got in to clear skies and 60 degree weather. No sign of the snow we missed, except the car in the long term parking was cleaner, and there was more sand on the streets.

We were “deplaning,” and Berck stopped and spoke to a guy waiting in the jetway to get on the plane. “Do you work for ASA?” Yes, he’s a pilot, and he commutes out of the Springs back to Atlanta once a week. He said he remembered Berck from his days as a flight attendant, and Berck told him what he does now. He told Berck that ASA is desperate for pilots and hiring anyone they can. “I’ve only got 14 hours of multi-engine time,” said Berck. He said they’ve been hiring people with 250 hours total and 14 hours multi. He gave Berck his phone number and told him if he ever wants to apply, he would deliver his resume. Apparently, if one of the company’s pilots hands in someone’s resume, it goes to the top of the stack. Berck doesn’t particularly want to work for the airlines, but it was a really nice bonus to get that option on the way home from a really fun weekend.

Hopefully, we’ll get some pictures up soon. Both of us are very tired having stayed up far too late last night.

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