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Berck just sent me a picture from his phone. After seeing his picture from Colorado National Monument, I’m wishing I could join him. I guess camera phones are good for something.

Berck is in Grand Junction for the weekend to attend the Flyin’ Miata Open House and track day. He hadn’t been planning on going, but he melted off his bumper when his exhaust pipe rusted through. It seemed to be better value to pay to go to Flyin’ Miata’s track day and drive out to the other side of the state than to pay for shipping.

Berck wanted me to go with him, but that meant I would have had to take two days off of work, and I’m supposed to be feeding the horses with Duncan and Michele out of town. Berck just called me and tried to convince me to drive out to join him after work on Friday. “The tent is already set up. It’ll be just like a hotel. All you have to do is check in. Well, and bring your sleeping bag.” He also tried to lure me with the promise of a peach festival. “It’s your kind of thing!”

But I’ve been running straight for several weeks now. I’ve only had one weekend to relax the last month, and I spent the whole time worrying about jury duty (which I need to remember to find out about Friday at 5 pm). I just need a day or so to do nothing and relax. I’ve also been looking forward to having some time to myself since I convinced Berck to go to Grand Junction.

Sure is pretty out there, though…

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