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Knitting Madly

5 January 1997 at 4:35 pm
by Jonah

I made some cookies this evening. I also learned how to knit… again. As I sat down with a ball of peach yarn and the two yellow plastic knitting needles I’d fished out of Mom’s knitting box, Andrew walked in and said, “Jonah, not you, tell me your not learning how too…?” “What of it?” I glared at him. “Jonah, if you do this, my whole confidence in you will be shaken.” “You’re just jealous.” So I did. Denise gave Ben and me a lesson on how to knit, though, she does it the wrong way, so I’ll have to learn the right way sometime soon. I doubt doing it the wrong way will hurt me much. After each line, I’d ask Denise, “Uh, how do you do this again?” My first line was far, far too tight. “Perhaps it’s a reflection of state of being,” I suggested.

I blew up at Nathan today. I yelled at my dad last night, telling him to get out of the kitchen. Denise went with me to the flea market this afternoon. I wanted to try to get the windshield on the Voyager fixed, since it’s got a couple of spiderweb nicks in it, which will grow if we’re not careful. There was a piece of paper, blown crooked in the wind, taped to one side of thewindshield repair place’s stall. I pulled it back to read, “Gone to store be right back –Tony.” Denise went over to look at ribbon while I sat in the car and waited. When it became evident that “be right back” was a figure of speech, I had Denise escort me to the used book booth. There, I purchased a collection of short stories edited by Ursula L’Guin for a buck and a quarterand returned to the van to wait. I’d read 2 and a half short stories when I finally decided to leave. Denise had come back and was napping in the seat next to me. Three unsure guys had come up and appeared to be waiting for “Tony” to come back so that they could collect their minivan. As we drove away, Denise asked if I was mad. “Yes,” I said, “but not about the windshield.” “Well, what are you mad about?” “I don’t know.” “PMS?” “Probably.”

Maybe the sun’s light will be dim

4 January 1997 at 5:29 pm
by Jonah

Maybe the sun’s light will be dim
It won’t matter anyhow

I’ve taken my station at Boris’ keyboard again. The cat, tonight, is trying his best to attack my socks. Unfortunately, the socks are still on my feet.ww22222222222222223344444444
He makes his way up to the desk and onto the keyboard. Now he’s peering into the darkness outside my window, perhaps trying to figure out why the heat pump makes so much noise.

It’s funny how everything becomes a treasure when you have nothing.

We watched Dangerous Minds at Nathan and Andrew’s apartment tonight. The boys sent Emily, Steph, and me to Delchamps to rent one. We finally picked one we said we hadn’t seen. bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbnnn,kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkm (darn cat), guessing that neither of the boys had. Turns out Steph had watched it with BOTH of them already. Steph isn’t a good one to pick out movies. Of course, her personal favorites are G rated films about animals. Since Nathan had already seen it, he wasn’t a very good viewer, especially after the coffee and cookies. We joke about him not being able to last an hour through a movie before he starts talking and making noises and otherwise being obnoxious. This time it wasn’t even 30 minutes. He eventually went back into his bedroom, so Steph, of course, followed. Movies are a low priority on her list. Nathan started playing some REALLY loud 311 on his stereo or whatever he has that makes music back there. Andrew went back and closed the door. As he came back, I muttered, “I suppose it’s okay. They are engaged.”

“Actually, it’s kind of a relief that they are engaged now. They can do whatever they want, and I don’t care anymore. I’m not sure if I should have before. Am I caring? Or just anal? A fine line exists between the two, I suppose.u8y

Late at night is a good time to do some soul searching.
The dark night of the soul.
Or the long, dark tea-time.

The cat just knocked over my jar containing acorns. He seems bound and determined to roll it over the edge of my desk, shoving a pile of things onto the floor with it.

I’m taking Constitutional Law next semester.

I throw the cat to the ground. He was getting just a little disruptive among the chaos that is my desk top.

The movie was about caring. A woman that cared enough to enter the lives of her problem students. Why care? At the end, her smoker friend who also teaches there says in answer to the question why he keeps teaching, “Why do I smoke? Because I’m crazy, I guess.”

That cat is back up on my desk, trying desperately to get the acorns out of the jar. They say you can catch a monkey by putting a stone through a hole into an empty coconut. The monkey grabs hold of the stone, but his hand is now too large to pull back out. He’ll get caught rather than give up the stone. A worthless trifle, yet he’ll trade his freedom, his life, for it.

The cat is now in the process of eating my shoe. Fortunately, the shoe is not on my foot.

The content sheet of the tape I’m listening to lies upside down on top of my desk, among the other things strewn atop it. It’s probably the safest place for it.

Mom and I went shopping for a filing cabinet today. We found a nice, oak one at Oak Express, but it was 200 dollars. I guess I’ll just use cardboard boxes until I can find one cheaper than that. I mean, I could get a used, loud, flimsy metal one for 30 or so, but why?

I keep yawning, so I suppose I’ll go to bed. Maybe the cat will finally calm down.

Another evening at the Kompound

4 January 1997 at 3:51 pm
by Jonah

Another Saturday night
And I ain’t got nobody…
How I wish I had some chick to talk to

Another night at Boris. A continuance of the dance of the cat on the top of my desk.

I actually watched some TV tonight. I was pretty bored. For some reason, I’m the most bored when I should be doing (or am doing) something I don’t particularly want to. All the other females except Steph were in the living room knitting or learning how to. Steph was with Nathan. Nathan’s brother Joshua was in the den crocheting rainbow yarn into a long chain. Mark and Andrew were off talking about whatever those two boys talk about for hours on end. Dad was up painting Steph’s new closet. And I was bored. But I didn’t want to be anti-social, so I switched on the tube2wwwwwwww344444444444 and flipped through the channels. Voyager was on UPN, so I left it there. Janeway and the black Vulcan, Tupoc or whatever, were doing a mind meld. Ben and Josh and I watched it till it was over. Then I went into the knitting bee, but by then, it was about time to eat, so I set up everything in the kitchen instead of joining them.

Eric, Carolyn and her sister Katherine had been over earlier. We had planned to have a bonfireand roast brauts. I broke and chopped off long sticks to cook them with while Mark and Ben sharpened them and Eric, Nathan, and Joshua shot their SKS’s into the hill on the other side of the lake. Chinese assault rifles are loud. Then I heard Steph yell at Nathan to stop for whatever reason. Mom came around back a bit later and said that our neighbors through the woods and on the other side of the power lines said that bullets were shooting up their trailers. Evidently, two big rednecks drove up and, really upset, swore, one of them almost on the verge of tears.

“That’s okay,” I said to mom, when she expressed concern at their presence, “We have three SKS.” They said that the daughter of whatever family lives over there had a guy looking at her car when bullets started whizzing by. The two of them hit the ground and had to stay there, the bullets kept coming so fast. Dad went over there and assured them that if there was any damage, we’d take care of it. It was too dark to see if anything had been hit. Nathan was very upset. When the sheriff showed up, Andrew and Mark joked about the Kompound being under attack. I was fixing beans, but I heard Nathan’s voice coming through the door as the sheriff prepared to drive away, “I’m really sorry!
So, Eric, Carolyn and company left early, and we cooked the brauts over the grill. Afterward, the knitting crew went back to knitting and everyone else disappeared again, so I cleaned up thekitchen. Denise suggested we all go out for ice cream, so we went to Cream ‘n Bean. Emily, Jef, Denise and I stopped by WallyWorld first to get yarn. I commented how it must look funny, four chicks in flannel shirts walking in to buy yarn. I got bored when they took too long to make up their minds on what flavor to purchase, so I told them I’d be out in the car listening to the radio and sharpening my knife I’m wearing on my belt. I used it to try to cut branches earlier, but it was too dull. It’s getting better now, but I’m not too good at sharpening knives. I’ve never really been taught how.

We finally got to the coffee place by the time everyone else had finished theirs. We got ours to go and headed over to the apartment. I looked through Andrew’s Entertainment magazine’s special on the X-files while we watched MAD TV. There was a very clever piece on black slang, but the rest of the skits went downhill from there.

I tied the cat’s mouse on a string to a nob on the pulled out top drawer of my dresser, and he’s been happily batting at it for the past half hour. I should have done that a lot earlier.

I think Mom is going to take Emily back to Columbus tomorrow after church. She’s thinking about staying for quite a while, like several days. This means that I’ll have to be responsible for taking care of my grandmother and meals and stuff. Oh well, it might be nice to have Mom out of the house again.

Maybe I’ll go to Morocco next fall.

Dry Sheetrock Wall

2 January 1997 at 7:44 pm
by Jonah

I’m thinking if anything happened today, but not much did. Ben and Dad are working up in Steph’s room, making one of her closets into a walk-in like mine and walling off the other. That one will become Ben’s closet from the dormer room. His old room, the one that my grandmother stayed in till we finished the addition, the same one that my grandfather stayed in till he died, is now the computer room, where I’m sitting now. There’s a fold out couch and my grandfather’s old desk in here. This is where Emily, our guest, will stay. Normally, she would have bunked in with Steph, since she has two single bunkbeds, that aren’t bunked at the moment, but Steph’s room is a disaster since the guys are doing construction up there.

Dad wanted Nathan and Steph and me to clear some over in Paradise Land, but Nathan wasn’t dressed for it. Steph and I moved some of the cut brush over to the pile in the adjacent field, but we weren’t really sure what else to do. Mom said not to cut any live oaks because Dad wanted to replant them, but EVERYTHING was oak over there. There’s a ceder tree growing right in the middle of everything, so they dug around it to dig it up.
It would appear someone is here.

Nope, no one is. The dogs have been barking for no reason, it seems. Dad and Ben havebeen making a racket all day and for the past few days hammering stuff up in the attic making closets.

I cleaned up my room today some. Which means it looks worse than before. Whenever I get something in the mail or whatever that I’m not really sure what to do with, I leave it lying around. Then when I have to clean up my room, I take all the things that are lying around and put them in a pile on my desk. Then I forget about everything in there.Every so often, like today, I go through that pile and throw away a bunch of stuff. Other things, I look at and put back in the pile because I’m still not sure what to do with them.

The reason why I was doing this, was because I used up my last check in my check book (a month or two ago) and I was looking for the rest of my checks. I know I have them. I ordered a bunch last spring, and I was only on the first bunch. I looked everywhere andcouldn’t find them. I have a few unnumbered ones left from ….
gotta help dad…

They’re putting up dry wall now. Dry wall? Sheet rock? Hmm… They needed me to help put it in.

Anyway, I have a few unnumbered checks left from when I first opened my savings account. I figure, if I only use my VISA to pay for things and then use the checks to pay for the VISA bill, I’ll be okay. Man, I gotta find those checks. I found the box they came in. I found the box my first set came in. Maybe I should just order some more. ARGH. I took a set up to VA with me this summer, but I can’t find those either. Or, maybe that’s the set I just used. I don’t know.

Sounds like Steph is home. Nathan and Eric and Carolyn went to see Beavis and Butthead tonight, I think. Steph refused to go. She had to babysit tonight anyway. She babysits every Tues and Thurs down the road at her old riding instructor’s house. One day, Becky told Steph she couldn’t teach her anymore, so Steph stopped taking riding lessons and started giving them.