Dry Sheetrock Wall

by Jonah

I’m thinking if anything happened today, but not much did. Ben and Dad are working up in Steph’s room, making one of her closets into a walk-in like mine and walling off the other. That one will become Ben’s closet from the dormer room. His old room, the one that my grandmother stayed in till we finished the addition, the same one that my grandfather stayed in till he died, is now the computer room, where I’m sitting now. There’s a fold out couch and my grandfather’s old desk in here. This is where Emily, our guest, will stay. Normally, she would have bunked in with Steph, since she has two single bunkbeds, that aren’t bunked at the moment, but Steph’s room is a disaster since the guys are doing construction up there.

Dad wanted Nathan and Steph and me to clear some over in Paradise Land, but Nathan wasn’t dressed for it. Steph and I moved some of the cut brush over to the pile in the adjacent field, but we weren’t really sure what else to do. Mom said not to cut any live oaks because Dad wanted to replant them, but EVERYTHING was oak over there. There’s a ceder tree growing right in the middle of everything, so they dug around it to dig it up.
It would appear someone is here.

Nope, no one is. The dogs have been barking for no reason, it seems. Dad and Ben havebeen making a racket all day and for the past few days hammering stuff up in the attic making closets.

I cleaned up my room today some. Which means it looks worse than before. Whenever I get something in the mail or whatever that I’m not really sure what to do with, I leave it lying around. Then when I have to clean up my room, I take all the things that are lying around and put them in a pile on my desk. Then I forget about everything in there.Every so often, like today, I go through that pile and throw away a bunch of stuff. Other things, I look at and put back in the pile because I’m still not sure what to do with them.

The reason why I was doing this, was because I used up my last check in my check book (a month or two ago) and I was looking for the rest of my checks. I know I have them. I ordered a bunch last spring, and I was only on the first bunch. I looked everywhere andcouldn’t find them. I have a few unnumbered ones left from ….
gotta help dad…

They’re putting up dry wall now. Dry wall? Sheet rock? Hmm… They needed me to help put it in.

Anyway, I have a few unnumbered checks left from when I first opened my savings account. I figure, if I only use my VISA to pay for things and then use the checks to pay for the VISA bill, I’ll be okay. Man, I gotta find those checks. I found the box they came in. I found the box my first set came in. Maybe I should just order some more. ARGH. I took a set up to VA with me this summer, but I can’t find those either. Or, maybe that’s the set I just used. I don’t know.

Sounds like Steph is home. Nathan and Eric and Carolyn went to see Beavis and Butthead tonight, I think. Steph refused to go. She had to babysit tonight anyway. She babysits every Tues and Thurs down the road at her old riding instructor’s house. One day, Becky told Steph she couldn’t teach her anymore, so Steph stopped taking riding lessons and started giving them.

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