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30 October 2004 at 9:48 pm
by Jonah

Norman is celebrating Halloween tonight instead of tomorrow so that people can go to church. I suspect there will be trick-or-treating tomorrow night as well.

So we unscrewed our porch light and went out to eat.

Then we stopped by the airport and sat out on flight school’s deck and watched planes in the pattern land.

While we were sitting there, something bit my hand. The heel of my hand swelled up in what looked like two bites.

We drove over to Rusty’s Custard Stand, and my arm started itching. Then my thumb started itching. Now the swelling has gone down in the heel of my hand, but the end of my thumb is completely swollen.

It’s like something is traveling around under my skin. Like an X-Files episode.

This is the weirdest thing that’s ever happend to my body. Other than my period starting.

Weather and Telephones

29 October 2004 at 6:57 pm
by Berck

So, Dad decided to cancel his telephone service. And ours along with it, without warning.

It sort of gives Joanna a clean slate when it comes to resumes, since we know no one will be calling her about anything she’s sent out already!

It looks like the call she got just before we lost telephone service is for a possible insurance sales job. I’m not too excited about the prospects of a commission-only sales job, but she thinks it might work. I suppose it won’t matter until we find out if they call her back or not. Which, fortunately, they can do, because we have a new telephone number now. If you call me, I’ll tell you what it is.

I still haven’t flown since I went to Stillwater on Saturday. Between telephones and weather, it just didn’t happen. The weather cleared up a bit this afternoon, but the winds were quite high. I would have had to land with a crosswind exceeding that of the “maximum demonstrated crosswind velocity” of my airplane. Since I’ve only done that a couple of times, and it’s against my school’s policy for me to do so, I elected not to go. Furthermore, it looked like there was a possibility of thunderstorms popping up in the vicinity. And, I haven’t landed with stiff winds, much less a crosswind, in a very long time. Judging from some of the landings I saw out there today, I decided to wait for better weather.

I should be able to fly tomorrow. I’m on the schedule twice on Sunday, but it’s probably going to start storming again.

This rating is going to take me forever, I think. I’d hoped to be done before the winter solstice, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

I just can’t see Joanna as an insurance salesman. Can you?


27 October 2004 at 9:27 pm
by Jonah

We currently have no telephone service, so if you want to talk to us, you’ll have to send an e-mail.

In other news I got a call today (before we lost service) from Bankers Life and Casualty Company. They found my resume on and invited me to an open interview they’re having tomorrow evening at six. By the looks of their website, they’re hiring insurance salesmen. Sigh. So anyway, that’s where I’ll be tomorrow evening.

Then I’ll come home and make an attempt at caramel apples to take to Friday’s “warehouse staff luncheon.” The theme is “food on a stick.” If the recipe works, I’ll post it.

Politics (as usual)

24 October 2004 at 3:36 pm
by Jonah

There’s an interesting article in today’s New York Times (free subscription required–and worth it) about

John Kerry’s IQ: “People will often be misled into thinking someone is brighter if he says something complicated they can’t understand.” That’s okay; if a high IQ were the mark of a good president, Richard Nixon and Herbert Hoover would be at the top of the list.

Michael Badnarik’s Libertarian run for president: He’s polling about the same as Nader.

Why your vote doesn’t matter: But it actually does, just not in the way you might think it does.

In the interest of equal time, here’s a neat list of why your vote MIGHT matter.

I Flew to Stillwater.

23 October 2004 at 8:36 pm
by Berck

After all my fretting about not flying for a month, the flight was easy. Nothing out of the ordinary occurred, although Stillwater Regional is under crazy construction. Runway 17/35 used to be 6100ft, but they extended it on the north side to 7400ft. The extension is concrete whereas the original runway is asphalt, so it looks like a patchwork quilt. To make things more amusing, they close all but the north 4,000ft during the afternoons and evenings to work on it. It’s tricky to figure out just what the north 4,000 ft is until you get pretty close to it.

It was a beautiful day for flying, temperatures in the low 70s, no clouds, smooth air.

While flying by Tinker AFB on the way back to Norman, I spotted a line of F-15’s a few thousand feet below me. Actually, what I saw first was a shadow… “Hmm.. something triangle-shaped is making that shadow…” After the first one whizzed by, there was another…. I saw 5 of them– there were probably six.

I’m on the schedule again tomorrow. I think I’ll go to Duncan, OK. I’m running out of approved airports just over 50NM away– I’ll probably have to start revisiting before I finish.