by Jonah

Norman is celebrating Halloween tonight instead of tomorrow so that people can go to church. I suspect there will be trick-or-treating tomorrow night as well.

So we unscrewed our porch light and went out to eat.

Then we stopped by the airport and sat out on flight school’s deck and watched planes in the pattern land.

While we were sitting there, something bit my hand. The heel of my hand swelled up in what looked like two bites.

We drove over to Rusty’s Custard Stand, and my arm started itching. Then my thumb started itching. Now the swelling has gone down in the heel of my hand, but the end of my thumb is completely swollen.

It’s like something is traveling around under my skin. Like an X-Files episode.

This is the weirdest thing that’s ever happend to my body. Other than my period starting.

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  1. Nathan Says:

    Just wait ’til you get pregnant.

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