Wish Lists

by Jonah

We each have Amazon wish lists, so check those out. You have to use “Brenner” to find mine.

For Joanna:

An electric pressure cooker

A Belgian waffle iron

A mushroom brush

Airplane cross stitch patterns (or a computer program to make them)

Some BDU pants, size Large-Regular or inseam 29 1/2 to 32 in., waist 35 to 39. I prefer solid black, but any color or design would be fine.

A Camelbak

SmartWool socks

Thick cotton boot socks

For Berck:

Smith & Wesson Captain’s Flashlight

Cuff links

Camping hammock

Shalom Auslander’s new book

SmartWool black dress socks

Berck also wants BDU pants, X-Large-Regular, inseam 29-32 1/2, waist 39 to 43, but they HAVE to be ripstop (you can tell because the fabricmakes little squares). He doesn’t particularly want camo colored. Solid colors are fine.

For both:

Amazingly, our Amazon wedding registry is still active. As is the one at Cooking.com (Berck is especially keen about knives).

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