It’s 8 p.m., and I have no idea where my husband is.

He can’t have gone far. I came home to find him and his bike missing. This isn’t unusual… they both disappear quite often to go flying. (Well, Berck goes flying. The bike stays on the ground.)

But it’s raining today. Berck can’t fly in the rain yet.

We only have one phone between us, and Berck supposedly has it. I got online and asked Nathan to call Berck’s phone. Berck didn’t answer, so Nathan left a voice mail.

I’m guessing Berck and his instructor are doing things that involve being on the ground. Maybe they flew anyway, because it doesn’t rain over all of Oklahoma at once. The weather tends to change rather quickly around here. It couldn’t have been raining when Berck left for him to be willing to ride his bike.

So I’ve been spending the evening looking for jobs. I got a rejection e-mail yesterday about the history professor position. That was nice of them to let me know, especially since Berck was going to make me call them the next day. There are two promising jobs in the paper today that I’m going to apply for. One is another history professorship at a community college. It asks for three professional letters of reference, so I’ve got to send out some e-mails begging for some. The other is for a curriculum developer. “Instructional designers, writers, and secondary teachers encouraged to apply.” That looks like fun, but I have to send in a writing sample. I’m thinking I may have to create one.

I spend my day in the warehouse sweating and thinking of things to write about. I’ve got a whole list of topics in my head. But by the time I come home, I’m too pooped to do much of anything except eat the (usually) delicious meal Berck has prepared for me. And then I spend whatever remaining energy I have studying the want-ads for employment. Fortunately, the local paper has all their classifieds online, searchable. It makes things easier.

So I’m sorry if my post is simply informative and not amusing. Maybe the next one will be more of the latter.

Now it’s 8:30. Where the heck is my husband?

One response to “Oh, where, oh, where has he gone?”

  1. Berck Avatar

    What, you don’t think I take my bike with me on the plane? Oh, right, I barely fit in the plane I fly, much less me, Mike AND a bicycle.

    And I’ll have you know that it was indeed raining when I left. I’m not afraid of getting wet. The worst part about it is the way the rain collects on my glasses… I need winshield wipers for my glasses like Elton John. I wonder if his actually work.

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