FedEx Sucks.

by Berck

Seriously, WTF?

The weather was *excellent* on Saturday. Clear blue skies, and there wasn’t a bit of snow/ice on the roads. We drove Arthur, our ’62 F100 with cheap (not snow) tires, on Saturday. So how can they claim a weather exception????

It would be one thing if FedEx had correctly delivered a single package out of dozens of attempts the past 6 months. I am absolutely astounded at just how bad the service has been lately. The last exchange I had with FedEx involved no less than 12 telephone calls and a copy of OSX 10.5 that was delivered over a *month* late. They screwed that one up badly enough that it was finally delivered by a suit who was driving a 4-door sedan.

But, the real question… is UPS any better? Nope, I’ve simply been using FedEx whenever possible because I got so disgusted with UPS. Why is delivering a package to my door so hard? These are companies who can get a package to any city in the world in a matter of hours, but can’t manage to get the same package to my door? The packages almost always get all the way to Colorado Springs where they inexplicably sit… forever.

And I’m not totally clueless as to the process, after all, I once worked for UPS. The problems then seemed to be a lack of understanding or appreciation in upper management for the jobs done by the folks who actually drive the delivery trucks. Not to mention a total inability to scale in order to handle the extra load that Jesus packages cause every year. It’s not like it’s a surprise that people are going to ship more packages in December…

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