Yesterday, while doing door pulls, I reflected that it really doesn’t seem like it was that long ago I was inside a CRJ in Atlanta operating the emergency exits for flight attendant training. It was pretty much exactly the same drill in Phoenix yesterday except this time I had to show the instructor how to get the door back in because he couldn’t figure it out!

I’ve got two days left of “systems” class, though we pretty much finished reviewing the systems last week. Our test is Friday. I fully expect many of the questions/answers on the test to be completely incorrect, since the slides they showed us in class weren’t correct.

The pilot training scheduler was supposed to give us our schedules either Monday or Tuesday. On Monday we were told it would be Tuesday or Wednesday. 10 minutes before we left today, she came in to tell us she would have them in the morning. This is, of course, what we all expected. She did say that simulator training would almost certainly be in Phoenix, since it seems that Freedom Airlines isn’t approved to do them anywhere else yet, even though Mesa is. She also said that she would try to schedule us for our two days of cockpit systems integration Monday and Tuesday, but that it would probably be a short wait for the sims because she would have to “reschedule Mesa sims from Phoenix to Cincinnati” in order to accomodate us. I’m guessing that means our oral exam will also be next week. It will be nice to get that out of the way if there’s another break– then I don’t have to worry about studying for that just, just going over procedures for the simulator.

I’ve driven to class the last two days. I get to sleep an extra half an hour, listen to my own music, drive with the top down, and as Jonah put it, “Be in control of my own destiny.” That and the girl scout cookies Jonah sent have made me a little less mopey.

One of the annoying things about the area where our training center is located is this. That appears to be a stockyard next to a sewage treatment plant. The training center is in dowisetrepla, baby! It makes the entire training center smell absolutely awful. Amusingly, in that slide, the stockyards are empty. They are not presently empty. Also, if you scroll right, you can see some really weird looking stuff. It’s the General Motors Proving Ground, which is kinda cool. Course, real car companies use the Nurburgring.

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