There are posts marked private on this blog. You can’t see them unless you’re logged in. I do this for fairly obvious reasons, and only certain types of posts are marked private.

In the past, users could self-register and I would then approve them to see the private posts. Unfortunately, the post levels plugin is very broken currently, and users of any level can see any posts. Including those who self-register. I hope that one of these days the author of post levels will fix it, but until then he seems to have abandoned the project. If you’re a WordPress user who knows of a better solution than Post Levels, please let me know!

To solve this problem, I’ve had to disable user registration. If you’re someone I know, you’re more than welcome to read the private posts, I’ll have to register you though. If you’re someone I don’t know, that’s probably fine too, you just need to tell me who you are, and I’ll probably be glad to let you read them as well. If you want to see the private posts and you don’t have a login already, send me an email to flyboy at Google’s-nifty-mail-domain. (ie, Or you can leave a comment here with your email address.

Once you’re logged in, the private posts should be visible. Let me know if there’s problems.

2 responses to “About Private Posts and Logins”

  1. Nathan Avatar

    Yeah. Drupal.

  2. Berck Avatar

    As far as I can tell, Drupal doesn’t have this feature at all. You can make things private, but that’s not what I want to do. Theres also the problem that drupal is ugly, bloated, and has a really, really obnoxious comment system. Seriously, I spent a week with drupal when I set up this blog and hated it, and then tried WordPress. And spent an insane amount of time customizing it to make it look acceptable.

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