A recent study indicates that pregnant women should eat chocolate… every day

Editor’s Note:

I would like to point out to everyone, who seems to think I’m expecting because of the above post, that I’m not. I have a track record of pointing out the virtues of chocolate, and this particular study seemed extremely important, especially since I know people who would benefit immediately from this news. Eating dark chocolate every day will lengthen your life, yes, but you have to go through the trouble of eating it every day for the rest of your life. This study shows immense benefit of eating chocolate 5 times a week only through the duration of your pregnancy, which is only a few months.

After posting this, I decided the message of the article was so important I then e-mailed it to all the pregnant people I care about as well.

I can assure you all that, if one of these days I do find myself with child, I will dutifully eat chocolate every day.

And pickles.

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