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It was quite a nice fall day. Even smells like fall. The sky was fairly gray today, I’m not sure why. Now that it’s twilight, it’s very grey. The treeline is grey and brown, the grass is brown. Winter is near. I like the smell of fall. Perhaps better than the small of Spring.

I’ve felt somewhat gloomy today, and didn’t feel like doing much of anything. I’ve never quite figured out why I don’t like Sundays. It’s just an icky day. Everyday has a feeling about it, and I’ve never liked the feeling of Sunday. The Italians are the only ones who seem to make Sundays worthwhile. And darn near the whole time I was in Rome, the weather was beautiful every Sunday. And most every other day, as well. I’d never seen a real spring before then.

I really wanted to go for a drive. (which would have been a rather Italian thing to do..) A nice long drive, maybe drive north to the mountains. But with my car on jackstands, this is hardly something I can do. Driving the exploder isn’t any fun. In fact, it’s a real headache.

Going for a walk might be nice, but I’m not really much of one for strolling about suburbia.

I’d like to get my car back together very much, but who knows when I’ll get all the parts to do it. I hate waiting for parts in the mail. And I’m not even sure my latest order has been shipped.

I probably won’t get it back together until it’ll probably be too bloody cold for a top down ride… But then, it doesn’t get all THAT cold in Atlanta, so you never know.

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