by Berck

Got somewhat bad about this writing thing when people were here. Must be that Red Alert 2 syndrome, or something.

Anyway, it’s back to the normal life of Berck today. Nothing exciting in the mail… My car is still in pieces, and my computer is in shambles.

On Sunday, Dad just thought he’d let me know that there wasn’t a chance that I’d get my differential on Monday. His reasoning? “It’s an automotive repair. This means it will be late and overbudget.”

“But it’s ALREADY late and overbudget!” (i.e., I was supposed to get it back by Wednesday (before thanksgiving)for $100. On wednesday we were up to $450 and Monday.)

“You won’t get it back Monday.”

Sure enough, on Monday, I found a message on my answering machine from Russ at Roswell Mazda. “Berck, this is Russ.. It seems we’ve come up short a few bearings… you should have it by Wednesday, though.”

So, we’ll see what happens on Wednesday.

I seem to have lost my Linux installation. My SCSI harddrive was giving me errors last time I tried to boot from it. I figured it was a result of my Win2k install, but I couldn’t seem to fix it. So I told the BIOS to do a low level format. Which it did. This didn’t make the partition table readable, though. Just non-existent.

Finally tracked the problem to a SCSI cable…

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