Luck is real, and you make your own, according to various studies. I’ve always considered myself a lucky person.

I like to drink herbal tea during my work day, but didn’t think to take any with me to my new job, and . My new office (Sara’s old one) has all of Sara’s old stuff in it still–meaningless (to me) notes covering the bulletin board, crossed out reminders on the huge wall calendar (including the ominous “Getting Married, Back May 24”), a half empty carton of diet Dr Pepper. And inside one of the file drawers, tucked next to a bunch of folders, was a box of Celestial Seasonings Apple Spice tea.

My office has a big window that opens to the rest of the office. It has blinds, but it seems a little silly to pull them. If I open the office door all the way, however, the door covers most of the window. My doorway faces the butt of a wall, so you have to be walking right by my office to look in and see me. So I am at my most private with my door completely open.

The boss is apparently cold-natured and keeps the office pretty hot. Fortunately, my office comes with a fan. And my window opens. I was a little worried about all the traffic noise coming in (we’re on the busiest street in the city), but it turns out that because of the direction my door opens, you can’t really hear it in the rest of the office. Once summer comes, I think I’ll enjoy the climate controlled air.

My boss is high strung and seems to like that I’m–apparently–even keeled. She loves to laugh, though, and that keeps things lighthearted.

She had to leave early today for an appointment. After she left, the receptionist, who has an office on one side of the open center office area, and the bankruptcy girl, who has an office on the other, called each other on the intercom function on the phone system and sat in their offices gossiping with each other. If you stood in the middle, you could hear both sides of the conversation quite clearly. This amused me very much.

Have you even sent a certified letter and watched the postman carefully put the certified stickers on your envelope and thought that might be fun to do? Well, I get to do that every day. Actually, I have an assistant to do all my mailings and copies for me, but I do them if she’s busy helping someone else.

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