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There is an exclamation point in the subject of this letter because laundry is exciting.

Well, it’s not usually. I haven’t done laundry since before the war, and… Actually, the last time I did laundry was in Knoxville, TN, sometime in early-mid-August. Aside from simply not having any money, Peter, my room mate, assured me that he would tell a rental company to come by our apartment and install a washer and drier.

One of the very neat things about the place I’m living is that it has washer and drier connections. My first response was, “I don’t have a washer and a drier, and chances of me being able to afford one during my college career are not good…” So I wasn’t too excited. Peter found out that for $32/month we could rent both a washer and a drier. That got me excited. I’m sure I spend at least $16/mo on laundry in quarters, so this seemed perfectly reasonable once split between two people.

Peter had assured me of this washer and drier before I ever moved in, and, after I moved in, told me that he’d contact the company before he left for New Orleans on August 17th or so. He didn’t.

I had no idea where, who, or anything about the washer and drier, or if Peter had requested one or not until Peter came back and FINALLY requested one.

Today was the first time they could come install it.

Today was the first day I’ve done laundry in quite some time. Hopefully I’ll start smelling better.

I auditioned for the Senior Studio productions and was cast as the all-important-extremely-exciting part of “Mob 1”. I have been assured that I have the most lines of any “Mob” part, of which there are 4. I’m playing the leader of a Mob in E. E. Cumming’s “Santa Claus”.

Actually, I’m thrilled to have gotten cast at all, and even more thrilled to have been cast in THIS play. I read the script before hand, and it is a REALLY neat play. E.E. Cummings is just… the man.

Luckily this won’t take up too much time, and the rehearsals are all at night, so it won’t affect much if I ever find a job. That’s why I’m in the computer lab at 9:30pm tonight, because our first rehearsal is at 10pm-midnight. It really feels nice to be part of a cast again.

I’ve been to a few more classes, and have a few books now. Abstract Algebra blew me away this morning. At least I understand why it’s “Abstract Algebra” now. Our professor defined functions in terms of set theory today, gave several theorems about sets in terms of set theory and then proceeded to prove them. While functions are by no means new to be, I’ve never dealt with them like this, specifically in terms of set theory. I’ve got to struggle to keep up.

Philosophy of Science is going to be a neat class I think. It’s mostly about trying to answer the question, “Can one really KNOW anything through scientific methodology?” At first, this didn’t seem too exciting, but after the first class I’m fascinated. I’m also thoroughly interested in answering, “Can PHILOSOPHY ever know anything?” It seems to me that one might very well have to answer no, in which case “what’s the point?” But then, I guess that’s why I’m a post-enlightenment fan. And I still say Nietzsche (even though I’ll never be able to spell his name) is great. Even though I KNOW he’s wrong, he’s so much fun. Anything so I don’t have to read any more Aquinas.

Oh wait. That’s just what I’m doing in Theology. Aquinas. Thomas, like most “philosophers” sounds a whole lot more convincing than he is. I think I get frustrated with Aquinas simply because I’m at UD, and the Catholics have trouble distinguishing Aquinus from God. (“Three persons, one God. No really, God isn’t divided!”)

I’m tiring of Catholic theology. It’s impossible to argue with because it’s based almost entirely on “faith” and “revelation” or, better yet, “sacra doctrina.” This is all fine and good if I thought it made sense, but it doesn’t. I realize that it’s good for me to learn such things, but I’d much rather be studying things that excite me. I’m excited to find out that there are THREE non-Christians (including me) in my theology class. This is almost unheard of at UD. Not just three non-Catholics, but non-Christians. This at least makes the class dynamics a little more exciting, otherwise it seems more like a Sunday school class I’ve accidentally walked into.

I really shouldn’t end my sentences with propositions.

I was going to write about making the newfound washing machine overflow, but I must go.

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