If left alone, she’ll amuse herself. And me, eventually.

(02:53:26 PM) Sydney: it’s amazing how much extra toner shaking the toner cartridge can get you
(03:01:10 PM) Sydney: i seriously can’t get the ‘keep together’ function to work properly on wordperfect
(03:01:13 PM) Sydney: it’s driving me mad
(03:09:51 PM) Sydney: the rulers work totally different from word’s rulers, too, so i spend a lot of time being confused.
(03:15:08 PM) Sydney: and now you’re on my blackberry calendar, too
(03:15:11 PM) Sydney: so i’ll always know where youare
(03:15:20 PM) Sydney: not sure why i need to know where you are
(03:15:21 PM) Sydney: but, yeah
(03:20:36 PM) Sydney: westlaw doesn’t work properly on IE or on FF. so frustrating.
(03:32:40 PM) Sydney: i got a DOJ interview!
(03:55:41 PM) Sydney: so did my co-clerk
(03:55:42 PM) Sydney: very exciting

(Congrats to Syd!)

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  1. Mom Avatar

    That’s my girl!

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