How do you draw water?

by Jonah

How do you draw water? Not from a well with a bucket but with a pen? how do you capture light on paper? do you chisel away at negative space like a sculptor with a block of stone, knocking off everything that doesn’t look like it? Do you use white paint? Thin lines of it?

How do you draw water? Not out of a river but into paper? How do you capture its movement, fluidity, its flux? How do you reflect reflections? how do you record what’s not really there? How do you put down the glistening ripples behind a female mallard and double consort swimming madly downstream? how do you chronicle the triangle of backwash beyond a bridge pylon? how do you remember the explosion of reflexions that occurs when a boat goes by?

And how do you tell your foot to wake up when its been sat on all this time. Ouch.

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